Naltrexone (naltrexone) wrote in gnusto,

Gnusto in the News

Very tiny is our fame, so it's always exciting when Gnusto gets noticed in the press.

Barbara Krasnoff over at the TechWeb collective of sites wrote up a lovely review of Gnusto 0.7. As extension reviews go, it's fairly in-depth. Also, it's quite positive. Barbara is now officially on our list of Extremely Cool People. She'll get a spiffy-keen Christmas card when December rolls around.

Gnusto also got a very tiny mention in an article about customizable web browsers in the New York Times. Yes, it's not much of a mention, but just seeing the word "Gnusto" in a New York Times article is mighty exciting.

Actually, if anyone has (or knows where we can get) a real dead-trees copy of the New York Times (or at least the Technology section) for January 27, 2005, we'd be grateful for any leads you might have. Likewise for the print versions of any of the TechWeb magazines that contained the "Fire Up Firefox: Our Favorite Extensions" article (probably the Dec 23, 2004 issue). Anyone who helps us out with this would also be an Extremely Cool Person. Yes, that includes a Chrismas card.
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