Naltrexone (naltrexone) wrote in gnusto,

Finally! First Gnusto 0.8 Release Candidate

Sorry for the delay! marnanel has been busy and my wife and I are expecting a baby and so have been kind of preoccupied.

So feel free to try out the Gnusto 0.8 Release Candidate 1-- I don't know that you have to uninstall 0.7 first, but it might not hurt to be safe. There's still a couple of known issues that might get fixed before 0.8 Final ships, but I suspect it could ship as-is and be fine. Nothing, to my knowledge, works worse than it did in 0.7.

New Features:
  • Fully supports z-code versions 1 and 2 games (reeeeealy old Infocom games). So now all we lack is support for z6 (the graphical one).

  • Can now run in either a tab or a separate window

  • Has a startup screen if invoked without a game (to help the unfamiliar figure out what Interactive Fiction is and point them to some games).

  • Layout and cursor fixes-- the "registration form" at the beginning of Bureaucracy now works just fine.

  • Should now launch Gnusto when clicking on links to z-code files even if they're set to the wrong MIME-type.

Known Issues:
  • Launching Gnusto by clicking on a link to a game gives no visual feedback at all until the game is fully downloaded

  • Options screen doesn't really work yet

  • Beyond Zork still locks up solid not too far into the game.

  • "Press any key" only responds to the spacebar.

I'll make a separate post with things it would be helpful for other people to test-- I don't have easy access to Linux or MacOS test machines. Thanks!
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