Naltrexone (naltrexone) wrote in gnusto,

Things to test in Gnusto 0.8 RC 1

Other than the usual "kicking the tires", there's two things I'd like to be sure work okay for other people-- especially Linux and Mac users (though validation on other Windows machines is good also).

  • Ability to launch Gnusto in a tab-- just make sure this works and that Gnusto behaves in reasonable ways from inside a tab.

  • Ability to launch Gnusto by clicking a link to a z-code file, even if the MIME type is set incorrectly-- be aware that you'll see no indication that anything is happening until the game is fully downloaded. But if you click on this link: Game served with wrong MIME type and Gnusto launches (without errors) it works. If it pops up a "what do you want to do with this file" dialog, it didn't.

Those are the two big questions. Any other feedback and testing is also greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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