Naltrexone (naltrexone) wrote in gnusto,

Gnusto 0.8 Release Candidate 2

Okay, second release candidate is ready to test. Should be mirrored out to this directory in the next few hours. I'll post a direct link in an edit in the morning. Need sleep now, though.

Only major difference from Release Candidate 1 is that it now provides visible feedback that Gnusto is handling the download when you click on a link to a z-code file.

marnanel's been testing RC1 on the Mac and it looks like the handling of incorrectly MIME-typed files may be more challenging on that platform. Some digging in Bugzilla seems to point towards it being OS-specific. Works fine on Windows, though. I suspect it works fine on Linux as well, but am still awaiting confirmation.


edit: Here's a more proper link: Gnusto 0.8 Release Candidate 2
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