Naltrexone (naltrexone) wrote in gnusto,

Gnusto 0.8 Release Candidate 5

Okay, it's another release Candidate. Getting really close, I hope. Still really need some validation under Linux.

Many thanks to demonfile, who tested RC2 and reported in some bugs, many of which are (hopefully) fixed in this release! If we had T-Shirts, we'd give you one.

This release fixes several bugs related to transcription, uses a different strategy for registering to handle z-code files served up with the wrong MIME type, and doesn't attempt to register as a Helper App on MacOS (doesn't work due to OS reasons, so we shouldn't offer).

If you open up a Gnusto window and go to the Tools Menu in that window, there should be a "Register Gnusto as Helper App" option. Choose that and Gnusto should handle z-code files regardless of reported MIME-type from then on. As usual-- give this a shot and then try clicking on this link here. If it launches Gnusto, the Helper App registration worked. If not, let us know and we'll see what we can figure out.

Update: Wow, you can tell I'm tired. I forgot to post a link to the new Release Candidate. You can download it from here. Thanks!
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